KUBOTAN Techniques

Kubotan Techniques for your library.

Who is Takayuki Kubota? >here<

What is a kubotan?  A small hand-held impact weapon that is used as a “force multiplier” in order to facilitate locks and nerve plexus strikes.  There are numerous historical and cultural precedents – yawara, kongou (vajra), tessen, shobo, pasak, etc.

The techniques illustrated are by no means unique but do serve as additional examples of basic controls and strikes that are widely taught and employed.

What is the practical application?  Palm held multipliers are easily concealed and therefore ideal for self defense.  However their prevalence and recognition makes it more difficult to carry them legally so please be sure to check local laws.

Additional related resources:

Purchase a “stinger” by James Keating from the source >here< or from >Amazon<

Stick Fighting by Masaaki Hatsumi is another good reference manual.

Well considered applications and thoughts from Don Rearic.

What is the lesson here?  Tools are important.


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