RESOURCES: Traditional and Modern

This page will continue to evolve as a general “data dump” continue to check for updates.

Some “permanent” resource links are found >here<

A link back to suggested purchases – training gear, reference manuals, and literature.


Aikido – O’Sensei’s “Budo” is an invaluable reminder of what the art was: a great addition for your permanent library – but a good presentation is found here

sword lever
“Do you understand now?”

The precursor Aikijujutsu

Chiburi – a myth?  Of course there is a video on YouTube



Okinawa Kobudo overview Okinawa Kobudo



Great Summary Page for Wing Chun articles

Important lessons from MAAJAK

Frank DiMaria ACCS



Purchasing traditional Filipino weapons – Ron Kosakowski has a good selection – and his teacher “old man” Rossi – taught me as an impressionable kid my first real self defense lesson

Use a kerambit


Bujinkai weapons



Knife grips examined – some interesting reminders

Ten principles of a knife fight – indeed!

Paul Vunak – a good starting point for knife work, then keep searching

Mexican knife fighting – good website to explore for additional articles of interest

A simple story about using a knife – it is easy to fetishize our equipment, this is a great reminder that you are the weapon, everything else is just a tool

And because knifes are also regulated – defend your right to self defense and  know your laws

John Styers – and Bowies – Great Resource!

Bob Dozier knife maker




Good resource for sword information

Collectible antique pieces from a reputable source – and a well written martial art blog

Napoleonic swords (i.e. sabers) with a discussion on curved vs straight blades

Hutton on Saber use – also see my Burton page

Alfred Hutton OldSwordPlay

The sword in India

Charles Selberg fencing





Rob Pincus was at a Mag20 seminar I attended a few years back – his personal self defense advice is solid


MAG 20 photo.JPG
Massad Ayoob and Rob Pincus at far left


Handguns as a self defense tool require good training and a solid understanding of the law(s) to carry them responsibly







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