Size Dispartity

“Defensive Tactics With Flashlights” by John Peters (1982) pp. 156-158.

The chart is from Juste David Myers – the work cited was an unpublished manuscript (“Close Quarter Combat” 1982), which doesn’t appear to have ever gone to print.  Nevertheless, the matrix shows a presumptive survival ratio based on physical size.

Peter’s book primarily is an instructional manual on the tactical use of a large Maglite style flashlight.  However, in his MAG 20 class, Massad Ayoob referenced this book for the Size=Disparity of Force matrix, which is linked above for your reference and self-defense library to augment your understanding of the use of force – AOJ.

There is no substitute for expert instruction – seek it out.


David and Goliath:  The classic size – disparity of force confrontation.  Goliath clearly demonstrated ample ability, opportunity and threatened jeopardy.  David armed himself with an effective range weapon and stopped the threat. >more<

Philistines fail to adopt the latest technology



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